Emergency Medicine Day

We take care of you, please take care of us

Our sister association EUSEM are preparing for EM-Day 2022.

This year’s slogan is: We take care of you, please take care of us.

The focus is on the high level of burnout amongst the EM professionals, with many of them leaving the workforce due to overcrowding, understaffing and bad working conditions. This is a serious threat to the healthcare system in many countries.

Let us all work together to raise awareness that the EM professionals need much better care.

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Materials: Find the logo’s, social media banners and a presentation about a press approach here: https://emergencymedicine-day.org/materials

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Google doodle

Please write an email to [email protected] to get a google doodle for EM-Day on May 27. You can use the following message:

We are working on the 5th consecutive Emergency Medicine Day, which is on the 27th of May. This years’ theme is: We take care of you, please take care of us. We focus on EM-Professionals having burn-out and are not feeling well due to the pressure, understaffing, overcrowding, bad working conditions and so on. The EM specialist are always at the frontline. During the pandemic and now in Ukraine.

Even though they are under constant pressure, with small workforce, they are always out there to do whatever they can 24/7. But they get little recognition. It would be so great if a google doodle was dedicated to them: EM-Physicians, Nurses, Paramedics, Technicians. Each link of the chain.

Please find the website of https://emergencymedicine-day.org which is an initiative of the European Society for Emergency Medicine. https://eusem.org

EM-Day webinar on 27th May at 14:00 CET: Burnout in emergency medical professionals: Now it’s time to take action!

The survey results will be released and we will follow up with a practical approach to the burnout problem.

Please find here (link-programme on next page) the draft programme and this is the registration link: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_AXJyl41kSO2QYnbZXRLt3A

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